The Microgaming (MGS) vs NetEnt rivalry is as old as online gambling. Both companies lay claim to a lot of gambling milestones in their illustrious histories but when it comes to the online casino player making a choice, what criteria should he consider when choosing a casino to play at? Should he choose the conservative MGS games or the more vibey NetEnt games. This comparison aims to give some guidance. For more information on NetEnt casinos and their offerings, see .

NetEnt vs Microgaming - Who are they?

Although the first NetEnt casino saw the light in 2002, the company itself was established much earlier in 1996. In fact the company existed in another form in the 1960s under the name Cherry and the online gaming arm was a much later spin-off. It capitalised on the internet gambling boom in the mid 1990s with a series of new innovations that continued through the 2000s and still does to this day. In 2003 NetEnt started to deliver its casino modules to customers. See for more on NetEnt casinos.

Microgaming on the other hand claims to have started back in 1994 but the first Microgaming casino only saw the light around 1998. Being the first and the largest supplier at the time forced the company to take the careful and conservative approach to online gambling, seeing that a lot of the company's early operations were out of South Africa where online gambling is outlawed to this day. These days MGS' public-facing operations are out of Isle Of Man with the bulk of the operations probably still in Africa.

Both companies deliver online casino software and games to a variety of online casino operators. MGS traditionally had the bulk of the market due to the fact that friends of the founder were allowed to open the early traditional casinos as the company grew. As new smaller casinos signed up, they were forced into unyielding agreements that saw many of them unable to counter market forces when the US and Australian market closed. Most of them do not exist today. Their games were typically designed to please a select few operators.

  • MGS games are templated
  • NetEnt games are technologically advanced
  • MGS has Flash-based games
  • NetEnt games were HTML5 ready in 2017
  • MGS backoffice software is bloated
  • NetEnt Casino software is streamlined

NetEnt vs Microgaming - It boils down to corporate culture

Microgaming's woes can directly be attributed to corporate culture. The company is regularly seen as entertaining stakeholder's pet projects to please their few traditional operators. The failed MGS poker network, CASino and Player Enterprise Resource software and Bingo projects are testament to that. This is not necessarily bad. There are many online gamblers that prefer this traditional conservative approach to casino games. There seems to be a market that enjoys rehashed template games that show little innovation, i.e. a market that fears change.

When we look at NetEnt's corporate culture, we see that it is everything but 'corporate'. They do not have stakes in or own an online casino of their own, therefore there is no conflict of interests as with MGS. There is also no pressure of churning out games at the cost of innovation. The working culture at NetEnt is that of innovation and it cultivates growth for employees and there is merit in their values: 'Passion in all we do'. Keep this in mind when choosing a casino to play at.